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Santa with Bell 880-PU

Enjoy this brand new ‘Santa with Bell’ Christmas decoration. Beautifully hand-painted with shades of deep purple and gold, this hanging ornament will liven up any home.

Pair with ‘Holy Band Santa 140-MA’ for the perfect double act.

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Santa with Bell 880-PU ringing bell and holding gifts, hanging christmas tree decoration. A Beautiful Long Leg Santa is handcrafted from resin and hand painted in beautiful plum, deep pink and gold metallic glitter. He Is approximately 140mm tall and part of our collectable range of christmas decorations.

A charming and festive addition to your Christmas decor. As you gather around the tree, the sparkling ornament serves as a gentle reminder of the joy of giving. The warmth of togetherness, and the boundless enchantment that the holiday season brings.

We craft this delightful ornament with precision and care, capturing the timeless spirit of Christmas with a unique twist. Our master artisans skillfully fashion our Long-Leg Santa, standing at approximately 140mm tall. They infuse expertise and passion into every detail, shaping Santa—the beloved symbol of Christmas—complete with elongated legs that dangle gracefully. These legs add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to your tree.

The Long Leg Santa with Bell 880-PU receives meticulous attention as artisans carefully sculpt and adorn it in rich fabrics. This evokes a sense of tradition while maintaining a contemporary flair, ensuring harmonious colors. Textures that add a touch of luxury to your tree’s ambiance. Gracing Santa’s hand, you’ll find a meticulously crafted with Ringing Bell and Holding Gifts. This artistic representation embodies the heartwarming sentiments of the season—giving, kindness, and Christmas magic.

Santa with twinkling eyes receive meticulous hand-painting, radiating an aura of mirth and joy. Whether displayed on your tree’s top or given a special place of prominence, the Long-Leg Santa with Ringing Bell & Holding Gifts ornament promises to become a cherished heirloom. Its handmade nature ensures that each piece is unique. Making every ornament as special as the holiday memories it helps create.


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