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The Beautiful Angel playing Trumpet is hand made with Resin & Hand-painted in shades of Black, with splashes of silver, white confetti.

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The ‘TRUMPET Angel BLK/SLV/GLD’ is a captivating and intricately crafted decorative piece that seamlessly blends celestial elegance with heartfelt symbolism. This exquisite ornament features an angelic figurine delicately cradling a radiant glitter trumpet in its hands, evoking a sense of warmth and affection. The angel is adorned with resplendent gold wings, adding a touch of celestial grace to the overall design.

The hand-painted details of the ‘TRUMPET Angel BLK/SLV/GLD’ showcase a skillful use of shades, with a predominant silver hue that imparts a celestial glow to the piece. The subtle interplay of colors, including in shades of Black, with splashes of silver, white confetti, contributes to the angel’s ethereal charm. These carefully chosen hues not only enhance the overall aesthetic appeal but also convey a sense of purity, love, and joy.

Designed as a hanging ornament, this celestial creation adds a touch of magic to any space it graces. Its compact size, hanging approximately 120mm tall, makes it a versatile decoration suitable for various settings, from festive holiday trees to year-round displays. The ‘Angel with trumpet’ serves as a reminder of the beauty found in both celestial realms and matters of the heart.

Whether suspended from a branch or displayed in a special nook, this enchanting ornament captivates the eye and sparks the imagination. The combination of the celestial angel, the radiant red heart, and the shimmering gold wings creates a harmonious blend of spirituality and emotion, making it a perfect gift for special occasions or a cherished addition to your own collection of decorative treasures.”